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AHB Newsletter Archive

AHB Newsletter – Volume 7, No. 1 [Spring 2018]

Editor's Notes In this edition we share big changes happening at AHB’s “Poplar for Biofuels” Demonstration Sites. Over the fall and winter, GreenWood Resources removed the poplars at Hayden and Jefferson and restored and prepared…
Two women lean towards the demonstration meter as Tatiana turns on the CFL lightbulb.

AHB Newsletter – Volume 6, No. 4 [Winter 2018]

In this edition: • Poplars, Pollutants, and Itty Bitty Microbes • Bioenergy Carnival Provides Latino Families with Interactive Energy Lessons • The Devil is in the Details: Understanding Poplar’s True Potential as an Energy Feedstock through Biomass Studies • Predicting the needs of a bioeconomy: Building a bioenergy curriculum using the Delphi Method
An aerial view of the Jefferson Demonstration site in Oregon. The different varieties of poplar are easily distinguished from the air by their different shades of green.

AHB Newsletter – Volume 6, No. 3 [Fall 2017]

In this edition: • Selection of Hybrid Poplar Varieties for Bioenergy • A Day in the Field • Un Día en el Campo! • Poop and Poplars: a match made in heaven? • Graduate Student Spotlight: Amira Chowyuk
Above: Attendees at TREES listening to a speaker give his presentation. The Summit was held at the Brightwater Center in Woodinville, WA. Below: After the meeting attendees toured a poplar planting at the former Duvall Landfill.

AHB Newsletter – Volume 6, No. 2 [Summer 2017]

In this edition: • What’s Next? Toward Renewable Energy and Ecosystem Services • Grounded: The Oregon Department of Energy’s new energy-focused podcast talks tree-powered planes • AHB Student Shout Out • Ask an AHB Alum: What are you doing now?

AHB Newsletter – Volume 6, No. 1 [Spring 2017]

In this edition: • Everyday Environmentalism: Using Poplars to Soak Up Wastewater in Hayden, Idaho • Poplars for Bioenergy Harvested at Jefferson Demonstration Site • Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse: Extension and Conversion teams join forces for a student biodiesel workshop • Graduate Student Spotlight: Jessica Sarauer
E85 contains a large portion of ethanol, thereby helping refiners fulfill their RVO

AHB Newsletter – Volume 5, No. 4 [Winter 2016]

In this edition: • Deciphering EPA’s Proposed Rule for Poplar-Based Biofuels • Field and genetic research investigates poplar bioenergy farm sustainability • What exactly is Extension, again? • Undergraduate Student Spotlight: Stephanie Pettro • Members of the AHB Team Answer the Question: What are you looking forward to in 2017?
A high school student at the Bioenergy Camp deciding how to build a rocket.

AHB Newsletter – Volume 5, No. 3 [Fall 2016]

In this edition: • Game On! Bioenergy Summer Camp Pilots Strategy Game • Volunteers Become Energy Stewards and “Promotores de Energía” • Controlling Reproduction in Engineered Poplar Trees • Members of the AHB Team Respond to a Survey: What would you pay for hybrid poplar biofuels? Are they sustainable?
Students holding their solar cars, one of the activities in the energy literacy lesson.

AHB Newsletter – Volume 5, No. 2 [Summer 2016]

In this edition: • Poplar and Willow Take Center Stage at National Working Forum • Inspired Young Students Research Poplar Phenotypes • Solar, Bio, or Thermal? Energy Lessons for Young Learners Spark Interest and Possibilities • Graduate Student Spotlight: Chang Dou • Members of the AHB Team Answer the Question: What Excites You Most About Bioenergy?
AHB spring 2016 newsletter

AHB Newsletter – Volume 5, No. 1 [Spring 2016]

In this edition: • National Working Forum: Managing Poplar and Willow for Environmental Benefits and the Renewable Fuels Industry • Bioenergy Workforce: Expanding Program Provides New Courses and Industry Experience to New and Returning Students • Poplar Farm Sale Expected to Have Minimal Impact on AHB Project • Biodiesel Now and For the Future • Graduate Student Spotlight: Brian Hartman • Members of the AHB team answer the question: What goes through your mind when you see gas so low at the pump?

AHB Newsletter – Volume 4, No. 4 [Winter 2015]

In this edition: • Workshop Explores Opportunities for Poplar • Breakthrough on Catalysts for Poplar-based Jet Fuel • Taking Stock of Hybrid Poplar Bioenergy Plantings • Graduate Student Spotlight: Shannon Fraser • Members of the AHB team answer the question: What Is Your Wish for the Environment for 2016?

AHB Newsletter – Volume 4, No. 3 [Fall 2015]

In this edition: • Bringing Bioenergy into the Classroom • Teens Learn How to Make Biofuel • Conversion Team: It’s all about the sugars! • Graduate Student Spotlight: Miku Lenentine

AHB Newsletter – Volume 4, No. 2 [Summer 2015]

In this edition: • Oregon High School Students Make Case for Community Specific Biofuel Production • Washington Landowners Take on Bioenergy Crops • Growing Poplar – A Landowner’s Perspective • Field Tour Season Kicks Off with Students Concerned about Energy and the Environment • Graduate Student Spotlight: Erik Budsberg

AHB Newsletter – Volume 4, No. 1 [Spring 2015]

In this edition: • National Extension Energy Summit 2015 – Ideas and Innovation for Future Energy Decisions • Learning the Logistics of Harvesting Green Energy • OSU Ecampus provides bioenergy class to accommodate student’s lifestyles • Hands on Learning — Valuable Training for Future Bioproducts Workforce • Graduate Student Spotlight: Roger Li
Washington State University