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AHB Newsletter – Volume 4, No. 1 [Spring 2015]

Editor’s Notes

Bioenergy conversations fuel great discussions within the AHB team! In this edition of the newsletter learn about innovative, hands-on training as students train for future jobs in the bioproducts industry. Also, read about an online bioenergy class aimed at attracting learners when it’s most convenient for them to access information.

Harvesting green energy presents its own set of logistics. Find out how the machinery is adapting to the structure of the poplars.

The 2015 National Energy Extension Summit in Seattle showcased innovative ideas and dynamic speakers. Conference highlights are featured in this edition. Meet UC Davis grad student Roger Li and get to know the work he’s doing with renewable energy systems.

Celebrate Earth Day this Wednesday, April 22 with our Biofuels and Wildlife webinar. Brian Moser of Rocky Mountain Wildlife Institute and Robert Fletcher from the University of Florida will be focusing on impacts to biodiversity, ecological effects, and species responses to biomass production. Register today!

Finally, take a look at our new home page for the AHB website. We’ve made it easier for policy makers, environmental professionals, educators, and the public to access information and resources.

Betsy Fradd
Washington State University

Beverly Samuel

National Extension Energy Summit 2015 – Ideas and Innovation for Future Energy Decisions

Finding new ways to increase economic development opportunities and impact energy policies were two of the many topics at the National Extension Energy Summit in Seattle. Participants shared their vast knowledge of regional energy issues, climate change, and outreach efforts.
Harvester parked in the field next to the poplar trees

Learning the Logistics of Harvesting Green Energy

The full potential for a true biomass program with short-rotation poplar was demonstrated by a recent harvest at GreenWood Resources’ Boardman tree farm. The five-year-old poplar trees (three-year-old coppice) were harvested for a second time with a New Holland forage harvester using a slightly modified header.
Shawn Fritas

OSU Ecampus provides bioenergy class to accommodate student’s lifestyles

Shawn Freitas is on a mission. As the driving force behind Oregon State University's Ecampus bioenergy class, he's determined to take the mystery out of bioenergy and make it relevant for anyone interested in the environment.
Sarah Nye doing a school project

Hands on Learning — Valuable Training for Future Bioproducts Workforce

As the demand for bioproducts changes so does the need for a highly skilled workforce. Finding just the right mix of instruction, hands-on experience, and real-world application is the focus of the Plant Operations program at Walla Walla Community College (WWCC).
Roger Li

Graduate Student Spotlight: Roger Li

Roger Li is a PhD student in transportation engineering who works with the AHB modelling team at UC Davis. He grew up in the city of Taiyuan in North China and earned his Bachelor's in civil engineering at Tsinghua University in Beijing.