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Poplar Markets Workshop; flat vector graphic of a stack of lumber

Poplar Markets Workshop

Poplar growers and wood products professionals are looking at ways the two may work together to create more market opportunities. Municipalities growing poplar to manage wastewater from treatment plants are increasingly interested in learning more about existing markets for sawn lumber, veneer, and pulp and paper. At a 2015 workshop in Vancouver, Washington, sponsored by Advanced Hardwood Biofuels Northwest, over 40 people shared ideas on ways to collaborate.
Poplar Willow Forum; green poplar and willow leaves logo of the forum

Poplar Willow Forum

The Poplar Willow Forum brought together stakeholders to discuss opportunities for poplar and willow in environmental applications and renewable fuel industries.
TREES Summit; flat vector graphic of 3 poplar trees

TREES Summit

The TREES Summit: Toward Renewable Energy and Ecosystem Services explained how poplar plantings could be an innovative and important strategy for tackling critical environmental challenges in the Pacific Northwest.