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National Working Forum: Managing Poplar and Willow for Environmental Benefits and the Renewable Fuels Industry

April 11 – 13, Portland, Oregon

Willow being grown and Poplar being irrigated with wastewater.

Join stakeholders from across the nation to discuss, develop key action items, and make recommendations on how to move poplar and willow biomass from environmental plantings toward commercial use for bioenergy and biochemicals.

Topics include: phytoremediation, poplar and willow for water quality, bioenergy and bioproduct industry potential, environmental and energy policies.

Keynote speakers:
Jud Isebrands: Overview of environmental applications of poplar and willow: Future opportunities and challenges
Joe Whitworth: Quantified: Redefining conservation for the next economy
Chris Johnston: Sustainable waste water management using short rotation coppice willow energy plantations

Mixed format includes keynotes, case studies, panel discussions, interactive working groups, and a field trip to a site using poplars for wastewater management.

Information and registration:

Sponsored by: Washington State University Extension, Advanced Hardwood Biofuels Northwest, NEWBio, IBSS, GreenWood Resources and USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.