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AHB Extension


To prepare the Pacific Northwest for a renewable biofuels and biochemicals industry, the Extension Team ensured that bioenergy stakeholders have the information they need to make informed decisions and recommendations. The team produced objective, research-based information resources to increase bioenergy literacy among citizens interested in bioenergy developments including: policy makers, landowners, environmental professionals, extension personnel, and other community members.


Contribute to AHB’s social sustainability research and increase awareness and understanding of the bioeconomy.


  • Broad project and energy literacy: 46 renewable energy infosheets and policy briefs, 31 webinars, and 20 quarterly newsletters. Delivered bioenergy-focused lessons to K-12 students and presented to adult audiences.
  • Technical Support: Writing and editing of a comprehensive growers’ guide designed to provide landowners with the necessary information to effectively grow short rotation poplar trees.
  • National and International Networks: Three national and international poplar-focused conferences, bringing together interested stakeholders to discuss marketing strategies, environmental benefits, and biofuels capabilities of poplar. Involved in the National Extension Energy Initiative, hosting the second National Energy Extension Summit in 2015.
  • Identification of early adopters: Instrumental in developing a network of people interested in the environmental benefits of poplar: wastewater treatment, land reclamation, and flood mitigation professionals. Built relationships with community members in prime areas for potential biorefineries, such as Lewis County, Washington.
  • Reaching diverse stakeholders: Produced outreach materials and hosted events tailored to different audiences, including the Latino community.

The promotores and their families walking through the field of grass and wildflowers (away from the camera) next to the poplars at the Pilchuck site.

For peer-reviewed publications by the Extension Team, click here. For other types of publications, including videos, infosheets, and newsletter articles, visit the Resources page.