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Ask an AHB Alum

What are you doing now?

Erik Budsberg

As a member of the AHB Sustainability Team, Erik focused on the Life Cycle Analysis of Biofuels, now…

“I am working at Eastern Washington University as the Sustainability Coordinator for the University. In this role, I work with faculty, students, staff, and community partners to develop, support, and promote sustainable practices on campus and beyond.”

Shannon Ewanick

As a member of the AHB Conversion Team, Shannon oversaw the steam pre-treatment reactor, now…

“I’m a now full-time lecturer in the Bioresource Science and Engineering program in the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences at the UW. I teach freshman through senior classes about all the things we can make from sustainable bioresources, including pulp, paper, bioproducts and biofuels.”

Brian Hartman

As a member of the AHB Education Team, Brian helped develop a college-level bioenergy curriculum, now…

“I am an Assistant Professor of Education at Walla Walla University as well as working in institutional research. I continue to write and publish about using bioenergy in the K-12 classroom.”

Michael Gordon

As a student in the OSU Bioenergy Minor Program, Michael researched anaerobic digestion, now…

“I’m working as a Faculty Research Assistant for the OSU Plant Clinic. I support a collaborative effort to better control gall-forming bacterial pathogens in a nursery setting. Next fall I will begin graduate study in OSU’s Molecular and Cellular Biology Program.”