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Photo Gallery

AHB Project

Brian Stanton teaches a captivated group of young students about poplar phenotypes.

Project Highlights

Sunlight shining through the branches and leaves of the poplar trees, culminating in a lens flare just to the left of the center of the photo.

Beautiful Poplar Trees

Un hombre Latino que mide álamos.


Growing Poplar

Up close view of the scythes on the tractor that was used to rip the Pilchuck field.

Preparing to Plant

Two of the workers at the Clarksburg site pose for the camera with the poplar cuttings that are being planted.

Planting Poplar

The harvester approaching a row of poplar trees to begin the first harvest at the Pilchuck Demonstration site.

First Harvest

A close-up of the coppiced stump (or stool) of a poplar tree. The stump has about 10 regrowth stems. At the top of the photo you can see the bottommost green (and some yellow) leaves on the tree.

Coppice Regrowth

Several rows of harvested trees in between the unharvested rows. The field is muddy and the puddles of water are reflecting the blue sky. Sun is shining on the still standing poplar trees.

Second Harvest (Coppice)


A group of people, including Patricia Townsend walking down a path away from the camera and towards the tall poplars growing on the Duvall landfill.

Field Tour Highlights

Extension professional Yolimar Rivera explains to a couple how to save energy and money by using LED lightbulbs.

El Carnaval de la Bioenergia | Bioenergy Carnival