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Hardwood Biofuels Webinar Series Starts in November

Patricia Townsend, WSU Extension

AHB will launch its Hardwood Biofuels webinar series on Wednesday November 20, 2013. The series will focus on all aspects of growing poplar for biofuels, the conversion technology, and making sure the biofuels are an economically viable and sustainable enterprise for the Pacific Northwest. The first webinar will be “Growing green energy: Poplar as a short rotation bioenergy crop” and feature presenters from GreenWood Resources, Inc. On December 11, 2013 the second webinar by AHB lead investigator, Rick Gustafson, will address the sustainability aspects of producing drop-in fuels. All webinars will be at 10:00 PST to also accommodate participants on the east coast. The plan is to hold monthly webinars during fall, winter, and early spring. You can sign up to attend the webinars by contacting Nora Haider (