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AHB Videos for Policy Makers

Making Biofuels and Biochemicals from Poplar Trees

Nature took millions of years to convert plant materials into fossil fuels through various natural processes. We now have the technologies in place to produce equivalent liquid biofuels in industrial settings within a few days!

Everyday Products from Renewable Poplar Trees

Along the conversion pathway from hybrid poplar wood chips to renewable transportation fuels, intermediate chemicals are produced, including acetic acid, ethyl acetate, and ethylene which can be used to make a variety of bioproducts that we use in our everyday lives.
Watch the poplar for recycled water reuse and phytoremediation video

Poplar for Recycled Water Reuse and Phytoremediation

In the Pacific Northwest, poplar trees are grown by many municipalities to recycle treated waste water, improve water quality, and reduce waste.
An airplane taking off

Bridge to Biofuels Part 3: Biojet Fuel

Currently, biojet fuel is the most promising renewable energy option for air transportation. The federal government and aviation industry are interested in biojet fuel because it offers opportunities for future growth while also increasing sustainability. In the Pacific Northwest, AHB is investigating the potential for biojet fuel made from locally-grown poplar trees.