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AHB Webinars for Policy Makers

A view of the capital building.

Communicating with Policy Makers in the Pacific Northwest

Presenters: Nora Haider and Peter Moulton

This webinar discussed methods for engaging policy makers in bioenergy developments and identified ways that university research can inform bioenergy decisions.

Economic Evaluation of Potential Biorefineries with High-Resolution Decision Support Tools

Presenter: Dr. Nathan Parker

This talk introduces a web-based decision support tool for biorefinery siting and explores the economic viability of biorefineries in Chehalis, WA, Dallas, OR, and Hayden, ID.

AHB: Five-Year Update

Presenter: Dr. Rick Gustafson

In this webinar, AHB’s Principal Investigator, Rick Gustafson shares research updates from the AHB project and provides an overview on the successes and challenges for developing biofuel and biochemical industries.

Trained biorefinery operations workers walking into the biorefinery

Estimation of job creation and economic activity from investment in hybrid poplar bio-jet fuel

Presenters: Dr. Nathan Parker, Dr. Josué Medellin-Azuara, and Dr. Boon-Ling Yeo

This study estimates the net economic impacts of short-rotation poplar for bio-jet fuel production in California, Washington, and Oregon. Regional impacts such as potential biofuel output and employment opportunities are explored as well as poplar production, displacement of existing crops, handling and transportation of poplar, biorefinery construction and operation.

Biofuels Policies: Why a Clean Fuels Standard and Other Government Policies Are Important to Bringing the Advanced Biofuels Industry to Scale in the Northwest

Presenter: Ross Macfarlane of Climate Solutions

Ross Macfarlane of Climate Solutions, addresses key policies affecting biofuels in the Northwest with a focus the debate surrounding a Clean Fuels Standard in Washington and Oregon.

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