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Sustainability Resources for Policy Makers

Sustainable Hardwood Biofuels for the Pacific Northwest

The video focuses on environmental, economic and social aspects of the biofuels sustainability and how this integrated effort will ensure developing a sustainable hardwood biofuels framework in the Pacific Northwest.
A group of men and women gathered in a field.

Stakeholder interests and perceptions of bioenergy in the Pacific Northwest

Presenters: Marina Heppenstall, Dr. Patricia Townsend, Nora Haider, Dr. Shiba Kar, Dr. Stanley Asah, and Kevin Zobrist

Understanding stakeholder perceptions of bioenergy is an important factor in the development of bioenergy industries in the Pacific Northwest. The Advanced Hardwood Biofuels Northwest extension team surveyed three groups – landowners, environmental professionals, and extension professionals – to identify their interests and concerns surrounding bioenergy. This webinar covers the results of these studies and examines how this information can be used moving forward.