AHB Newsletter – Volume 3, No. 4 [Winter 2014]

Editor’s Notes

It’s been a busy fall for the AHB team! Successful harvests at the California and Washington poplar demonstration sites attracted policy makers, stakeholders, researchers, and individuals interested in bioenergy. In this edition of the AHB Newsletter we focus on pests that can damage poplars and the monitoring by GreenWood Resources to keep the trees healthy. Another article examines industrial microbes playing a vital role turning wood into acetic acid and, as a high-value chemical,helping to spur a new bio-economy. A third feature provides insight into the harvests at the Clarksburg, California and Stanwood, Washington sites. Finally, find out what motivates and intrigues Oregon State University grad student Kimi Grzyb about the world of bioenergy!

Betsy Fradd
Washington State University Extension