AHB Newsletter – Volume 6, No. 2 [Summer 2017]

Editor’s Notes

As we move into the warmer and dryer summer months, AHB has a lot to look forward to: field tours, harvesting, graduations, publications…We hope everyone can get out there and enjoy the sunshine!

But, first—

If you missed it, check out what happened at the TREES: Towards Renewable Energy and Ecosystem Services Summit AHB hosted at the end of April.

Get introduced to Grounded, the Oregon Department of Energy’s new energy-focused podcast and listen to their episode featuring GreenWood Resources’ Brian Stanton.

Join us in congratulating the graduate students finishing up their degrees and the undergraduate and vocational students who completed OSU’s bioenergy minor program and Walla Walla Community College’s Plant Operations program.

And lastly, learn about what some of AHB’s alumni are up to these days!

Happy reading,
Cat Gowan