AHB Newsletter – Volume 6, No. 3 [Fall 2017]

Editor’s Notes

AHB wrapped up Year 6 at the end of August, and many aspects of the project have finished. But the story goes on. Over the next year, Extension will continue to bring you newsletters, webinars, and social media postings. We are updating the website and preparing reports to make sure that the results of our AHB members’ hard work is available well into the future.

In this edition:

One of AHB’s research questions was whether you could breed better varieties of poplar for bioenergy. Curious what GreenWood Resources learned, and how? Find out.

Extension had a field day (literally and figuratively) hosting Latino families at the Pilchuck Demonstration Site.

Cat Gowan tells us about the world of possibilities for processing wastewater in Oregon, including growing poplar trees.

Meet Amira Chowyuk. She’s a UW graduate student who is keeping AHB’s vision going.

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