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Poplar Willow Forum Presentations

Monday, April 11, 2016

Evening Keynote

Overview of Environmental Applications of Poplars/ Willows: Future Opportunities and Challenges
J. G. Isebrands, Environmental Forestry Consultants, LLC

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Morning Keynote

Quantified: Redefining Conservation for the Next Economy
Joe Whitworth

Hayden USDA Project Site: Hayden Area Regional Sewer Board
Ken Windram, Hayden Area Regional Sewer Board

Poplar Plantations for Water Sustainability in the Southeastern USA
Elizabeth Nichols, North Carolina State University

Session II

Phytoremediation: A Reality Check
J. G. Isebrands, Environmental Forestry Consultants, LLC

Breakout Session A

The What, Where, and How of Contaminant Removal in Poplar Plantations
Bob Simmons, Washington State University Extension

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Session III

Morning Keynote

Sustainable Wastewater Management Using Coppice Willow Energy Plantations
Chris Johnston, Environment and Renewable Energy Centre

Breakout Session C

Woody Biomass Certification Programs
Andrew Rodstrom

Building Bioenergy Opportunities through Payments for Ecosystem Services in the Chesapeake Bay Region
Mike Jacobson

Session V

Building a Roadmap for the Dual Benefits of Poplar: Updates from AHB and IBSS

AHB Update – Patricia Townsend

IBSS Update – Leslie Boby

Development and Implementation of an Alternative Vegetative Cover System Using Shrub Willows in Central New York
Tim Volk

Breakout Session D

Discussion Group

ZeaChem Overview
Tim Eggeman, ZeaChem

Tm Platt, Missoula Hydrid Energy

Watershed Consulting
Mark Vander Meer, Watershed Consulting LLC

Sarah Wurzbacher, NEWBio and Penn State University