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Poplar Markets Workshop

Poplar Farms as a Wastewater Management Tool: Planting Strategies to Align with Potential Markets

October 15, 2015 | Water Resources Education Center, Vancouver, WA

In October 2015, professionals gathered in Vancouver to focus on the benefits municipalities gain from growing poplar and possible market opportunities.


Title: Growers Manual and Other Poplar Resources
Speaker: Nora Haider, Washington State University Extension

Title: Modeling Poplar Growth
Speaker: Quinn Hart, University of California, Davis

Title: The Product and Market Development Story for Pacific Albus Lumber
Speaker: Lee Jimerson, Collins Pacific Albus

Title: The Case for Cross Laminated Timber
Speaker: Ethan Martin, PE WoodWorks

Title: Eugene/Springfield MWMC: Lessons Learned Through One Rotation of Hybrid Poplar
Speaker: Todd Miller, Biocycle Farm

Title: Hybrid Poplar Plywood Panels
Speaker: Tim Schallich, Columbia Forest Products

Title: Hybrid Poplar in the Pacific Northwest: How It Got Started and Where It Is Headed
Speaker: Brian Stanton, GreenWood Resources

Title: GreenWood Resources: Global Investment and Asset Management Company for Plantation Forestry and Biomass Feedstock
Speaker: Rick Stonex, GreenWood Resources

Title: Poplar for Effluent Reuse and Water Quality
Speaker: Curtis Stultz, City of Woodburn