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AHB: Five-Year Update

Presenter: Dr. Rick Gustafson In this webinar, AHB’s Principal Investigator, Rick Gustafson shares research updates from the AHB project and provides an overview on the…

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Renewable Biofuels and Biochemicals: Biojet Fuel

Energy Literacy Infosheets

Poplar Willow Forum Videos Online Now!

Bioenergy Alliance Network of the Rockies (BANR) Survey

Please take a short survey on the public perception of forest restoration on the national forest system. This survey assesses public attitudes on whether forest…

Stakeholder interests and perceptions of bioenergy in the Pacific Northwest

Presenters: Marina Heppenstall, Dr. Patricia Townsend, Nora Haider, Dr. Shiba Kar, Dr. Stanley Asah, and Kevin Zobrist Understanding stakeholder perceptions of bioenergy is an important…

Poplar trees grown for biofuels tackle obstacles

Alison Morrow, aired August 17, 2015 KING 5 Harvesting trees for biofuel may change the energy market in the Pacific Northwest. The Advanced Hardwood BioFuels…
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