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Webinars for Growers

Poplar Grower Webinars

The Hardwood Biofuels Webinar series discussed all aspects of a biofuel and bio-based chemical industry. The webinars listed below are particularly relevant for potential poplar growers.

Before. during, and after restoration: The Jefferson field with trees, then two pictures of machinery restoring the field and finally the Jefferson field now, covered in grass.

Restoration: From Biomass Poplar Plantings to Conventional Ag

Presenters: Rich Shuren and Rick Stonex

This webinar covered the objectives and methods for transitioning an established hybrid poplar biomass planting into a different agricultural system.

An aerial view of the Jefferson Demonstration site in Oregon. The different varieties of poplar are easily distinguished from the air by their different shades of green.

The Final Step: Harvesting Hybrid Poplar for Renewable Bioenergy Feedstock

Presenters: Rich Shuren, Brian Stanton, Rick Stonex, Jesus Espinoza, and Tim Volk

This webinar presented the 1st and 2nd cycle harvests including results of time-and-motion studies, operating parameters of the New Holland 9080, details on field loading of the biomass, challenges encountered and opportunities for improving operating efficiencies, and harvesting costs.

Cream of the Coppice: Hybrid Poplar Yields During the Establishment and Coppice Cycles

Presenters: Jesus Espinoza and Brian Stanton

This webinar presented data on the first-coppice growth and yield from the AHB demonstration sites. Learn about the differences GreenWood Resources has seen in the poplar varieties, the demonstration sites, and the establishment and re-growth periods since the first harvest.

Market Opportunities for Hybrid Poplar

Presenters: Brian Stanton, Carlos Gantz, Rick Stonex, and Tim Schallich

The poplar veneer industry is making good strides in the Pacific Northwest and will help prepare for the eventual emergence of a renewable fuels market. This webinar covers poplar veneer manufacturing, poplar siliviculture, and poplar selection to optimize good veneer recovery.

Managing the Environmental Risks of Poplar

Presenters: Dr. Andrew Rodstrom and Dr. Aurea Nardelli

This webinar features information about the different environmental risk mitigation strategies employed by GreenWood Resources and the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials certification program is discussed.

Harvester parked in the field next to the poplar trees

Harvesting Short-Rotation Poplar for Bioenergy

This webinar presents the information on how to harvest poplar every 2 to 3 years for bioenergy and harvesting data from field trials. Hybrid poplar is one of the potential sustainable sources of bioenergy that could play a key role in meeting long-term energy needs in the Pacific Northwest. A viable poplar-based bioenergy industry will require an effective way to harvest the poplar on short rotations and deliver biomass to the biorefinery on a regular basis.

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