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Environmental Benefits of Poplar

Map of municipalities in the Pacific Northwest that use poplar for environmental benefits
Municipalities across the Pacific Northwest grow poplar as a wastewater management tool.

Poplar trees are used across the Pacific Northwest for a variety of environmental uses, such as:

  • processing wastewater and biosolids
  • reclaiming land contaminated from mining and other industrial uses
  • containing landfill leachate

These topics and others are featured in the WSU Extension publication, A Roadmap for Poplar and Willow to Provide Environmental Services and to Build the Bioeconomy. The Roadmap is accompanied by five additional publications that provide examples of poplar and willow in environmental applications.

AHB is supporting the further investigation of poplar as a tool to restore ecosystem services by partnering with poplar and willow growers from around the world. AHB hosted a series of workshops and tours to grow a coalition of poplar and willow experts. Information and archived presentations from these events are available on the Workshop Resource pages.