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AHB Project Overview Infosheet

AHB integrates research, education, and extension to develop the framework for a poplar-based biofuel and bio-based chemical industry. This interdisciplinary project is investigating all aspects…

Programas Latinos En AHB

La misión del programa es ampliar la educación de energía en las comunidades Latinas del PNW, con enfoque en las zonas alrededor de Seattle. Nuestro…

AHB Latino Outreach Program

The mission of the outreach program is to expand energy education in Latino communities. Our program talks about energy use in our homes and daily…

Biocombustibles en la Bomba

El etanol y el biodiesel son alternativas renovables al petróleo que pueden mezclarse con combustibles para el transporte. Los motores tradicionales de gasolina y diésel…

Use of Poplar Trees for Wastewater and Biosolid Utilization

Poplar trees can be irrigated with recycled water or amended with treatment plant biosolids. Use of poplars for irrigation with recycled water has many benefits.

Bio-Based Chemicals

This infosheet explains how poplar trees can be used to produce cleaners, solvents, adhesives, paints, plastics, textiles, and many other products.

Renewable Energy in the Pacific Northwest

Renewable energy comes from natural sources that are continually and sustainably replenished such as the sun, the flow of water, or other natural processes.

Etanol ahora y en el futuro

El etanol es un combustible de alcohol hecho por fermentación del azúcar de material vegetal. Casi toda la gasolina vendida en los EE.UU. se mezcla…

Biofuels by the Numbers

The Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) program calls for 36 billion gallons of renewable fuel to be used in the year 2022. Renewable fuels, such as…

Biofuels at the Pump

Ethanol and biodiesel are renewable alternatives to petroleum that can be blended into transportation fuels. Traditional gasoline and diesel engines can run on lower-level blends,…
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