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Webinars for Extension Professionals

AHB’s Wednesday Webinar series has given researchers from all the teams the opportunity to present their research on everything from water and soil quality on the poplar farms to bioenergy education to communicating with policy makers.

A view of the capital building.

Communicating with Policy Makers in the Pacific Northwest

Presenters: Nora Haider and Peter Moulton

This webinar discussed methods for engaging policy makers in bioenergy developments and identified ways that university research can inform bioenergy decisions.

AHB: Five-Year Update

Presenter: Dr. Rick Gustafson

In this webinar, AHB’s Principal Investigator, Rick Gustafson shares research updates from the AHB project and provides an overview on the successes and challenges for developing biofuel and biochemical industries.

A group of men and women gathered in a field.

Stakeholder interests and perceptions of bioenergy in the Pacific Northwest

Presenters: Marina Heppenstall, Dr. Patricia Townsend, Nora Haider, Dr. Shiba Kar, Dr. Stanley Asah, and Kevin Zobrist

Understanding stakeholder perceptions of bioenergy is an important factor in the development of bioenergy industries in the Pacific Northwest. The Advanced Hardwood Biofuels Northwest extension team surveyed three groups – landowners, environmental professionals, and extension professionals – to identify their interests and concerns surrounding bioenergy. This webinar covers the results of these studies and examines how this information can be used moving forward.

Harvester parked in the field next to the poplar trees

Harvesting Short-Rotation Poplar for Bioenergy

This webinar presents the information on how to harvest poplar every 2 to 3 years for bioenergy and harvesting data from field trials. Hybrid poplar is one of the potential sustainable sources of bioenergy that could play a key role in meeting long-term energy needs in the Pacific Northwest. A viable poplar-based bioenergy industry will require an effective way to harvest the poplar on short rotations and deliver biomass to the biorefinery on a regular basis.
An aerial view of the Jefferson, OR demonstration poplar plantation

Where Can We Grow Hybrid Poplars in the Pacific Northwest?

Presenters: Luke Rogers and Andrew Cooke

To develop a sustainable hybrid poplar biofuels industry in the Pacific Northwest, hundreds of thousands of acres of land will be needed to grow poplar as a short-rotation woody crop. In this webinar, researchers from the University of Washington present the methodology and results of a poplar growing suitability study conducted using GIS analysis.