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Social Impacts

Production of renewable biofuels will affect those communities where production and distribution facilities are located as well as the broader public in regions surrounding these areas. In addition, we need to reach out to farmers interested in the production of feedstock for biofuels.

The Sustainability Team’s Social Feasibility and Impact Assessment group is exploring stakeholder concerns about a sustainable biofuels system for the Pacific Northwest and ways to work with growers to facilitate the production of biofuel feedstock. The overall goals of the assessment group are:

  • To ensure that public/stakeholder concerns are acknowledged and addressed to the best of pertinent abilities.
  • To ensure that those interested in producing feedstock get the assistance they need.

Two students wearing headphones and typing on a computer
Students at the University of Washington transcribe stakeholder conversations.

The Pacific Northwest – there are billions and billions of tons of carbon atoms coming out every year, making biofuels is obviously the way to go. (Landowner, WA)