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Visualize, Understand, and Make Informed Decisions!

The growth and economic model results and predictions need to be made available to the widest audience possible in the most convenient ways possible. To that end, we are developing a suite of online visualization tools that allow access to the model results as well as the input data. The tools allow interactive visualization of the data, as well as the capability to download datasets directly. We also include direct access to some of the models themselves so our partners can replicate or modify results.

The figure on the right shows a utility that allows users to gain access to economic, modeled growth, and underlying climatic and environmental data that is used for some of the models. For any point in the region, the user can either interactively chart these data, or download them for further investigation.

Screenshot of the map in the AHB 3PG Model Viewer, showing California and Nevada
Many of the growth and economic models can be explored online.

Screenshot of the full 3PG Model page, with map and accompanying graphs
The online application allows users to investigate poplar growth and agriculture displacement.