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Feedstock Team

GreenWood Resources, Inc. (GWR), is based in Portland, OR and leads the Feedstock Team, which is composed of researchers from GWR and universities around the Northwest.

Brian Stanton

Stanton, Brian

Dr. Stanton is the Chief Science Officer at GWR.  He has more than 25 years of experience in poplar genetics and is an internationally recognized expert.  His research has produced some of the finest breeding [...]

Ault, Kori

Kori Ault coordinates research activities for numerous projects related to tree biotechnology and genomics, with particular focus on field data collection and site operations. Kori has been working with the Strauss Lab at Oregon State [...]

Busby, Posy

Dr. Busby is a Postdoctoral Fellow with a joint appointment at the University of Idaho (Newcombe Lab) and the University of Washington (Tewksbury Lab). She received a Ph.D. in Biology from Stanford University, and a [...]

Cooke, Andrew

Andrew is a Research Consultant with the University of Washington, School of Environmental and Forest Sciences.  He received his Master of Science in 2008 from the UW College of Forest Resources.  Andrew is a GIS [...]

Doty, Sharon

Dr. Doty is an associate professor in the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences (SEFS) in the College of the Environment at the University of Washington.  She earned a B.S. degree in Genetics from UC [...]
Jesus Espinoza is an AHB team member at GreenWood Resources

Espinoza, Jesus

Jesus Espinoza is the Director of Silviculture Research for GreenWood Resources, Inc. Dr. Espinoza leads the program of applied research in intensive plantation management for a variety of markets and regions. He has over 20 [...]

Guerra, Fernando

Dr. Guerra is conducting post-doctoral research in Professor David Neale’s lab at the University of California, Davis.  Fernando’s research analyzes the genetic mechanisms underlying traits of interest for biofuel production in Populus species.  He studies [...]

Himes, Austin

Austin Himes joined GreenWood Resources in early 2012 and has contributed by streamlining data collection and developing new experimental designs for hybrid poplar varietal testing. Austin has been working in the field of Forestry since [...]

Kallestad, Jeff

Jeff Kallestad is a Research Intern in the department of Entomology at Washington State University at the Puyallup Research and Extension Center. Jeff has worked closely with GreenWood Resources to develop NIR spectroscopic calibrations for [...]
Zareen Khan

Khan, Zareen

Dr. Zareen Khan is a research scientist working on a wide range of topics including phytoremediation of environmental pollutants, bioenergy, and nitrogen fixation. Since 2006, she has been working in Dr. Sharon Doty’s lab at [...]

Klocko, Amy

Dr. Klocko is a postdoctoral research associate in the lab of Steven Strauss.    Her previous research experiences include analysis of polarized cell growth in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana, and surveying wildlife and aspen trees [...]

Lu, Haiwei

Haiwei Lu is a graduate student working with Dr. Steven Strauss at Oregon State University.  Her current research focuses on the feasibility of genetic containment of transgenic trees using zinc-finger nucleases.  She earned a B.S. [...]

Ma, Cathleen

Cathleen Ma is a Senior Faculty Research Assistant and biotechnology lab manager in the lab of Steven Strauss at Oregon State University. Her current research is on improving the efficiency with which poplar and eucalyptus [...]

Rogers, Luke

Luke Rogers is a research scientist and forest engineer at the University of Washington. Since 2001 Luke has been devoted to increasing the understanding of Washington state forests through the assembly of a statewide land [...]
Rich Shuren works for GreenWood Resources

Shuren, Richard

Richard is Director of Tree Improvement Operations at GWR.  He began his career with the Crown Zellerbach Company working on conifer forest regeneration projects. In 1983, Richard participated in establishing the first hybrid poplar research [...]

Stonex, Rick

Rick Stonex is the Westside Tree Farm Manager for Greenwood Resources, Inc. Since 2006 he has managed the Lower Columbia Tree Farm and other GreenWood Resources operational activities in Western Oregon and Washington. Rick has [...]
Steve Strauss

Strauss, Steve

Dr. Steven H. Strauss is a Distinguished Professor of Forest Biotechnology in the Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society at Oregon State University, and has a joint appointment in the Molecular and Cellular Biology Program.  [...]

Zerpa, Jose

Dr. Zerpa is a silvicultural researcher at GWR.  His research centers on the management of site resources to improve stand productivity and value, with emphasis on tree nutrition.  His experience includes operational management of eucalyptus, gmelina, [...]