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Demonstration Sites

Testing Poplar Varieties Around the Northwest

We established four demonstration sites with multiple varieties of hybrid poplar to compare their growth and survival. The growth rates of different poplar varieties vary in response to regional differences across the Pacific Northwest. To maximize biomass production for conversion to biofuels and bio-based chemicals, we need to select the best varieties for each region.

A map of the four AHB Demonstration Sites: Pilchuck - WA, Hayden - ID, Jefferson - OR, and Clarksburg - CA

A chart describing the yearly precipitation, elevation, physiographic location, soil, and topography of each demonstration site.

Rich Shuren leading a group of students from Western Washington University on a tour of the Pilchuck demonstration site.
Rich Shuren of GreenWood Resources leads a group of students from Western Washington University at a field tour of the Pilchuck Demonstration Site.