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Research Connections Lead to Local Solutions

By collaborating with all of the AHB project partners, we are able to provide research-based information on growing poplar energy crops and suitable lands for doing so. We are also in the position to distribute information on the environmental, economic and social aspects of this new biofuel industry. We will be working with the researchers on the Feedstock, Conversion and Sustainability Teams to produce outreach materials on biofuels as well as more technical information for those interested in growing poplar energy crops or becoming involved in the new industry.

Our team networks with other Extension professionals at county, state, and regional levels, by providing support throughout the four state region served by the AHB project. We also collaborate nationally with other USDA-funded AFRI CAP biofuel projects. This includes the Northwest Advanced Renewable Alliance (NARA), our sister program that we work jointly with to provide information on wood-based transportation fuels in the Pacific Northwest.

Extension team member Patricia Townsand working in the field with two soil researchers.
The Extension Team works closely with AHB researchers at the poplar demonstration sites.