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Masters Professional Program

Training Bioenergy Workforce Leaders

To provide flexible, professional training that prepares graduate students to take on roles of responsibility in the bioenergy workforce, we are working with existing master’s degree programs in several bioenergy-related fields to enable students to obtain professional certificates as part of their education.

To complement the science, engineering, forestry, or agricultural education a graduate student might already be pursuing, the bioenergy professional certificate program also teaches business and management skills. Upon completing the certificate training, students will be prepared for professional careers with an understanding of the economic, social and political impacts of energy developments as well as strong leadership and business skills. This program is piloting at Oregon State University (OSU) in Fall 2013.

We are also supporting the development of a Professional Science Masters (PSM) program in renewable energy. The Renewable Energy PSM program encompasses a bioenergy track and focal areas complementing existing graduate programs at OSU. Northwest renewable energy industries are contributing to the development of the PSM program, ensuring that graduating students are prepared to meet anticipated workforce needs. The program also brings together university researchers who are developing innovations in biofuels and bioenergy, wave energy, photovoltaic, and other related disciplines. Program graduates can expect to secure jobs in energy-related industries and local companies, government agencies, non-profit organizations, research and development laboratories, and consulting agencies.

A man sitting at a table with leaves in front of him.
A WSU graduate student dissecting leaves for a research project.