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Summer Bridge Programs

Exploring Bioenergy and Higher Education Opportunities

The summer Bridge-to-College program facilitated by SMILE at Oregon State University (OSU), offesr youth the opportunity to explore biofuel technologies while connecting with campus resources as they transition from high school to college. The bioenergy summer Bridge-to-College program is a 15-day residential program that gives incoming first-year students from underserved groups an opportunity to get to know the OSU campus prior to the start of the academic year while also learning about bioenergy.

While students are participating in the Bridge-to-College program, they learn about bioenergy science and research at OSU while becoming acquainted with campus resources. The program allows students the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge that support good work and study habits. Students also learn to think critically about the role of programs, research, and higher education in addressing society’s challenges.

A woman talking to a group of Bridge-to-College students outside on a patio.
OSU’s 2012 Bridge-to-College students.