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Four-Year College Bioenergy Minor

Education for the New Energy Economy

In the Bioenergy Minor, students from a variety of disciplines learn to make a difference in the new Bioenergy Economy. Students from any major receive broad training and work in teams encompassing science, engineering, management, economics, social science, and education. Creative thinking, problem solving, and research experiences complement the technical training the students undertake.

Courses in the research-based Bioenergy Minor present central bioenergy concepts and issues while encouraging cross-disciplinary teamwork. Students receive invaluable professional training and experience through completing a 10-credit mentored research project of their choice, with participating faculty and/or industry partners.

The Bioenergy Minor gives students the tools to solve bioenergy problems in innovative ways. It prepares them for graduate school and careers with bioenergy knowledge and actual experience in research and writing, giving them a distinct advantage.

Currently piloting at Oregon State University, the curriculum and courses developed in the Bioenergy Minor will be communicated to a wider audience throughout the region.

The bioenergy minor fits into my goals because it gives me the chance to study different natural resources that are not covered in my renewable materials major. (James Boulger, OSU Bioenergy Minor Student)