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Phytoremediation: Criteria for Successful Designs and Long-Term Operation

Posted by Greg Crouch | July 25, 2016

Speaker: Dr. Louis Licht
Session II | Discussion Panel 1
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Since the 1972 Clean Water Act PL 92-500, the definition of adequate and sustainable pollution treatment has changed. The old 30;30 discharge standard (30 mg/l ammonia and BOD) was not adequate to reach defined goals – fishable and swimmable – for all waters of the state. Since 1972, measured damage to a healthy fishery and community sustainable has changed waste water treatment strategies. Plants were not any part of the 1972 treatment design options. The criteria for successful design – feasible, practical, economical, safe, legal, moral, politically acceptable and ecological – will be used to compare modern alternatives now considered for large and small waste water sources.