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Woody Biomass and Certification Programs

Posted by Greg Crouch | July 25, 2016

Speaker: Dr. Andrew Rodstrom
Breakout Session C | Discussion Group – Expanding the Bioenergy Paradigm: Certification and Multi-Use Options
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Responsibly managed wood biomass plantations can showcase their commitment to sustainable management practices through third-party certification programs, and have the added benefit of managing their environmental and social risks. These certification programs tend to provide guidance with regards to chemical usage, social interactions, and environmental impacts. The certification program available to a given grower will depend on their desired end product, target market, and/or crop rotation length. While these options are somewhat limited currently, this crop class (short rotation woody species) has been gaining traction with some of the larger certification bodies (FSC & SFI). We will explore some of the options available to growers and some challenges associated with utilizing a certification program.