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Pulp and Paper Raw Material Transportation Logistics

Posted by Greg Crouch | July 25, 2016

Speaker: Bruce Summers
Breakout Session B | Discussion Group – Supply Chain Optimization for a Distributed Feedstock Resource
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The oil production and refining industry is mature. Large capacity refiners require, and have developed an integrated transportation system to deliver large quantities of crude oil to refineries on a just in time basis. Production of biofuels using cellulosic material such as chips, hog fuel, and herbaceous material will also require a similar large scale transportation infrastructure as the oil industry. The Pulp & Paper industry, a large scale industry, has developed an infrastructure to store and transport its raw material in a similar manner as had the oil industry. This optimization of biomass transportation includes interim storage, both on plant site and off site, and water, rail, and truck transportation. These independent activities can be singular or combined in order to minimize costs on a real time basis.