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In the Media

Researchers Say Lewis County is Ideal Place for Biorefinery

By Katie Hayes
The Daily Chronicle

Learn how the facility could convert trees into ethanol and chemicals.

Are petite poplars the future of biofuels? UW studies say yes

By Michelle Ma
UW News

Read the UW Researchers’ findings.

Everyday Environmentalism: Using Poplars to Soak Up Wastewater in Hayden, Idaho

By Cat Gowan (AHB Newsletter Spring 2017)
Republished in the Coeur d’Alene Press

Read about how the poplars in Hayden, Idaho are being irrigated with wastewater.

Poplar trees being used in biofuel study

By Kyle Odegard
Albany Democrat-Herald

Read how poplars growing in Jefferson, Oregon could be used to make biofuel.

Expanding the Bioenergy Workforce

By Betsy Fradd
Biomass Magazine

Read how skilled technicians and operators are in demand for first-generation, advanced biofuel plants.

High School Challenge Connects Rural Students to STEM Careers and College

By Adriene Koett-Cronn
Oregon State University

Read how the SMILE high school program helped students test their science skills.

Power is knowledge for WWCC Plant Operations students

By Karlene Ponti
Walla Walla Union Bulletin

Read how AHB is working with Walla Walla Community College to create jobs.

Phenotype, genotype: they’re not big words anymore to third-graders at Jackson Elementary

By Kathy Fuller
Hillsboro Tribune

Read how GreenWood Resources educated 100 third graders at Jackson Elementary.

Cheap oil slows down UW’s plan for tree-based biofuels

By Katherine Long, published January 1, 2016
Seattle Times

Read how cheap oil is affecting plans for a biofuel industry.

Hardwood biofuels researched using poplar trees

By Dennis Farrell, published November 16, 2015
The Daily Evergreen

Read how AHB is researching using poplar trees for biofuel.

WSU biofuel project has new benefit after oil prices drop

Amity Addrisi, aired September 17, 2015
KING 5 News

Read how researchers are focusing on replacing petroleum-based chemicals with bio-based chemicals from poplar.

Test plots of poplar trees may hold key to bio-fuels development

By Eric Mortenson, published September 17, 2015
Capital Press

Read how researchers are investing in the future.

Research on poplar for biofuel heads into 5th year

By Michelle Ma, published September 8, 2015
Biomass Magazine

Read what AHB has accomplished and what they are planning for year five.

Poplar trees are best bet for biofuel in UW-led research project

Michelle Ma, published September 4, 2015
UW Today

Read what UW researchers have learned about poplar.

Poplar trees grown for biofuels tackle obstacles

Alison Morrow, aired August 17, 2015

Harvesting trees for biofuel may change the energy market in the Pacific Northwest. The Advanced Hardwood BioFuels (AHB) Northwest Project is hoping to build what would be the world’s first biorefinery for trees.

Read about the potential of poplar to change markets in the Northwest.

New course offers hands-on training in bioproducts

By Maegan Murray, published August 3, 2015
WSU News

Doctoral student Baran Arslan experienced bioproducts production processes this summer that he formerly had only seen in the lab on the nano scale. He participated in a new summer course through Washington State University Tri-Cities that created a bioproduct from start to finish, covering topics from fermentation and pyrolysis of biomaterials to process controls and industrial maintenance.

Read more about the new programs that are training students to work in the new bioeconomy.

Sustainability in Bioenergy: A Nation Connected

U.S. Department of Energy, published July 21, 2015

“Sustainability in Bioenergy: A Nation Connected” is a short documentary highlighting personal stories and the efforts being made by communities across the United States to develop, produce, and provide bioenergy, while ensuring it is environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable.

Watch the video Sustainability in Bioenergy: A Nation Connected

Poplar-Based Bioethanol Production Awaits Spike In Price Of Crude

By Bruce Dorminey, published July 17, 2015
Renewable Energy World

A rapid-growing tree, many researchers think poplar is missing its calling as a high-quality cellulosic bioenergy feedstock.

Read more about the costs of using poplar to make biofuel.

Poplars’ potential: Rathdrum Prairie grove part of study on cellulose-based biofuel

By Becky Kramer, published July 2, 2015
The Spokesman-Review

Seventy acres of poplars on the Rathdrum Prairie rustled in a hot, summer breeze, flashing silvery-green leaves. Someday, cars and trucks could be running on fuel made from the trees.

Read more about the AHB Hayden demonstration site.

Biofuels initiative shifts gears

By Don Jenkins, Published November 18, 2014
Capital Press

A monster harvester easily clipped and chipped rows of willowy poplar trees here last week.The next step — trucking the chips to a biorefinery and making commercial fuel — will have to wait.

Read more about the economic difficulties of poplar biofuel.

Advanced Hardwood Biofuels Northwest first poplar harvest a success

By Meghan Sapp, Published November 18, 2014
Biofuels Digest

In Washington state, fall is harvest season and kicks off Advanced Hardwood Biofuels Northwest’s first harvest of hybrid poplar for bioenergy.

Read more about AHB’s first harvest.

Clean fuels offer a cleaner future and economic growth

By Ross Macfarlane, Published November 3, 2014
Climate Solutions Blog

Ridding ourselves from our dependence on fossil fuels is a big undertaking, not least because our transportation systems—cars and trucks—remain overwhelmingly powered by petroleum.

Learn more about how AHB is working to find a clean, poplar-based alternative to fossil fuels.

Tree Power: Poplars to Fuel Pacific Northwest Bioenergy Industry

By Sylvia Kantor, Published September 19, 2013
Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business

A biofuels industry is coming to the Pacific Northwest and it’s making partners out of gridiron rivals. Rick Gustafson is certain that poplar trees will soon power cars, trucks, and even airplanes.

Read more about the goals of the AHB project.

A sampling of biofuels programs at two-year colleges

By Madeline Patton, Published May 31, 2013
Community College Times

During the recent Biofuels Workforce Summit, community college biomanufacturing educators shared information about the modules, courses, certificates, programs and systems they have created—with local industry input—for biofuels education and training.

Learn more about the biofuels programs at community colleges.

Biofuels: A Poplar Idea

By Julie Garner, Published December 2011
UW Columns

Poplar trees grow big and fast.  They make great privacy screens and poplar wood is used to make chopsticks and even the backs of stringed instruments like the viola.  Imagine this, within the next few years, the jet you take from Seattle to New York may be running on poplar-based jet fuel.

Read more about the grant AHB received to study turning poplar trees into biofuel.

Biofuel research at UW and WSU to help power the Economy

Editorials/Opinion, Published September 30, 2011
Seattle Times

Biofuel from trees grown as a fuel source could help power the U.S. and Washington state economy.

Learn about the AHB project.

Washington State University