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Market Opportunities for Hybrid Poplar

Posted by Stephen Locker | February 10, 2016

Market Opportunities for Hybrid Poplar

Wednesday, February, 10, 2016

Presented by: Brian Stanton, Carlos Gantz, and Rick Stonex from GreenWood Resources and Tim Schallich from Columbia Forest Products.

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Advanced Hardwoods Biofuels (AHB) is working to develop a Pacific Northwest renewable energy industry that provides transportation fuels derived from plantation-grown hybrid poplars. The economics of this industry are very competitive with the petroleum industry when crude sells for $100 a barrel and more. But with current market conditions and prices far below this range, the AHB commercialization phase will be delayed for some time. In the interim, the poplar veneer industry is making good strides in the Pacific Northwest. This initiative will help prepare the region for the eventual emergence of the renewable fuels market. This webinar was co-presented by Columbia Forest Products and GreenWood Resources and  covered: (1) Poplar veneer manufacturing, (2) Poplar silviculture required to produce high-quality logs for peeling, and (3) Poplar clonal selection to optimize good veneer recovery.