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Growing green energy: Poplar as a short rotation bioenergy crop

Posted by Stephen Locker | September 17, 2014

November 20, 2013

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Poplars and their hybrids are the fastest growing trees in the temperate zone with mean annual increments of above-ground biomass approaching 10 dry tons per acre per year.  It is not surprising then, that the United States’ Departments of Agriculture and Energy have identified hybrid poplar as one of the country’s most important feedstock species for the renewable transportation fuels industry.  This hour-long webinar covers the essentials of how hybrid poplar feedstock is produced including:  (1) Overview of hybrid poplar as a feedstock for cellulosic renewable fuels, (2) Poplar hybridization and varietal selection, (3) Farming practices, and (4) Harvesting and processing.  The webinar will conclude with an outlook for the renewable fuels industry and its use of hybrid poplar.  The webinar is presented by GreenWood Resources, which leads the feedstock production team for the Pacific Northwest AFRI CAP program, Advanced Hardwood Biofuels Northwest.  GreenWood is the world’s foremost developer and manager of hybrid poplar tree farms for a variety of markets including renewable transportation fuels.

This webinar features Brian Stanton, Rich Shuren, Rick Stonex, and Bruce Summers of GreenWood Resources, Inc.