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Fall Poplar Workshop

Poplar Farms as a Wastewater Management Tool: Planting Strategies to Align with Potential Markets

October 15, 2015

Water Resources Education Center – Vancouver, WA

spray cart in trees from muncipality using poplar trees

9:00 AM Introduction

Welcome and Overview of Locations of Poplar Plantings in the Pacific Northwest

Patricia Townsend – Washington State University

Video: “Poplar for phytoremdiation and recycled water reuse”


Session I

Lessons learned from current municipal poplar growers

Moderator – Jason Smesrud

Curtis Stultz – Woodburn, OR

Poplar for effluent reuse and water quality

View the presentation

Todd Miller – Metropolitan Wastewater Management Commission

Poplar for biosolids utilization at the biocycle farm

View the presentation


10:00 AM Session II

Resources for growing poplar

Moderator – Patricia Townsend

Nora Haider – Washington State University

AHB Growers manual and other poplar resources

View the presentation

Quinn Hart – University California Davis

Predicting yields with the poplar growth model

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Short break (10:30-10:45 AM)


10:45 AM Session III

Markets for poplar – Traditional, alternative, and emerging

Moderator – Rick Stonex

Brian Stanton – GreenWood Resources

Poplar markets: Exciting directions from traditional to biofuels and bioenergy

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Sean Chase – SP Fiber Technology

Poplar as raw material for paper production and combined heat and power (CHP) energy in the PNW: Past, present, future

Lee Jimerson – Product Manager Collins Companies

Poplar lumber – historical use and current developments

View the presentation

Tim Schallich – Columbia Forest Products

Poplar as veneer; historical global acceptance and newly developed markets

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Ethan Martin – WoodWorks

Cross laminated timber (CLT) with poplar: potential and possibilities

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Tim Eggeman – ZeaChem

Learning to love poplar for biochemicals and biofuels


LUNCH (12:15 -1:00 PM)


1:00 PM Session III Continued

Poplar Markets Discussion Panel

Moderator – Patricia Townsend

Brian Stanton, Tim Eggeman, Lee Jimerson, and Tim Schallich


1:30 PM Session IV

Growing Poplar

Moderator – Patricia Townsend

Todd Miller, Curtis Stultz, and Rick Stonex

Strategies for growing poplar: Planting and rotation optimization

View the presentation


2:00 PM Session V

Moving Ahead with Poplar Discussion Panel

Facilitator – Jason Smesrud

Todd Miller, Curtis Stultz, Brian Stanton, and Tim Eggeman

Collaborative planning, bringing together stakeholders, and building alternative markets

Announcement for spring 2016 National workshop:

Poplar and Willow Feedstocks: Environmental Benefits and Bioenergy Potential

April 11-14, 2016

Portland, OR