Education Team

The Agriculture Center of Excellence (ACE) and Oregon State University (OSU) lead the Education Team that comprises researchers and educators in the Northwest.

Jason Selwitz

Selwitz, Jason
(509) 527-3678
Jason became the Project Manager for the Agriculture Center of Excellence in late 2011.  After graduating from Penn State in Park Management, Jason served in the Philippines with the Peace Corps and co-founded the Palawan Conservation Corps.  Afterward, Jason was a four season wilderness educator leading multi-week expeditions and service projects in Oregon, California, Nevada, British Columbia, and Hawaii.  Jason earned his Masters in Regenerative Studies from Cal Poly Pomona by completing lab research on two strains of freshwater algae and their ability to treat human wastewater and produce biodiesel.  For over four years, Jason was the Program Manager with Green Empowerment where he collaborated with colleges and universities to provide rural farming communities in Latin America, Southeast Asia, and eastern Africa with access to appropriate technology, renewable energy, and watershed restoration.  Jason holds Certificates in River Restoration and Wetland Delineation from Portland State University.