AHB Newsletter – Volume 6, No. 4 [Winter 2018]

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Upcoming Conferences

Symposium on Biotechnology and Fuels and Chemicals
April 29-May 2, 2018
Clearwater Beach, FL

2018 ANREP Conference
April 29-May 3, 2018
Biloxi, MS

European Biomass Conference and Exhibition
May 14-18, 2018
Copenhagen, Denmark

Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference
June 18-20, 2018
Portland, OR

International Short Rotation Woody Crops Conference
July 22-26, 2018
Rhinelander, WI

Seventh International Poplar Symposium
Oct 28-Nov 4, 2018
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Editor’s Notes

It is unbelievable that 2017 is already over. Time flies when you’re working with poplar! The year was filled with exciting events, research, and publications for AHB affiliates. Let’s take a trip and check out some of what’s been going on this year…

Get a closer look at the microbe communities living inside poplar trees and see how they help trees survive heavy duty pollutants.

Go on a photo tour of the Bioenergy Carnival hosted by the AHB Extension team.

Follow the biomass harvest shipments to their various destinations and learn about what’s being done with all those poplar chips.

Glimpse into the minds of bioenergy experts as they help shape bioenergy education for future generations.

Here at Extension, we’re looking forward to seeing all the years of hard work come to fruition as data is analyzed, results are interpreted, and papers are published!