Giraldo, Tatiana
(425) 741-9962

Tatiana is an Energy Associate at Washington State University Extension in Snohomish County and supports the AHB Extension Team by working with the Latino community. She educates, and trains others to educate, about energy literacy and biofuels to Spanish-speaking audiences. She has been working with the Latino community in Washington State for the past 6 years as an educator, Parent Mentor (helping Hispanic parents navigate the US public school system and encouraging them to be more involved in their children’s education), and social worker, referring families to available resources to improve their quality of life and meet their immediate needs.

Tatiana has developed an extensive network of Latino leaders, educators, and volunteers who have enabled her to reach out to the Latino community, emphasizing the importance of making significant changes to the daily use of energy and discovering alternatives to fossil fuels that help the environment and our future generations. Tatiana is happy to be part of this project and to be the bridge of communication in the community.